AWS has launched the Activate Founders package, a new set of benefits specifically designed for bootstrapped startups. The package is being offered as part of the AWS Activate program and is open to founders and startups who have not yet raised any venture capital, seed, or angel funding and have no affiliation with any accelerators or incubators. Successful applicants can receive up to $1,000 in AWS Activate Credits, which are valid for two years, and one year of technical support.

Prior to the launch of the Founders package, AWS Activate was primarily only available to startups with institutional backing. The new Founders program offers all accepted startups, regardless of stage, ample cost-saving opportunities to test, build, and deploy their architectures on AWS.

Bootstrapped startups can apply to the program with their AWS Account ID, a company website or company web profile, and a LinkedIn profile link. If approved, startups will receive up to $1,000 (USD) in Activate Credits and $350 in Developer Support Credits. The Developer Support package also grants startups access to a Cloud Support Associate and general architectural guidance for one year.

The AWS Activate Founders is open to startups in all AWS regions, excluding China.

Visit the AWS Activate page to learn more about the Activate Founders package and apply today. 

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