Protecting and managing enterprise data effectively has always been an important aspect of maintaining an IT environment. It has become even more important as organizations migrate workloads and valuable data to the cloud. The expanded attack surface presented by cloud environments needs to be safeguarded to ensure the security of data assets.

Third-party software vendors have developed solutions that address the unique characteristics of cloud environments. Veritas is a trusted industry leader in backup and data protection. They provide a suite of solutions that ensures cloud data resources are efficiently backed up and can easily be recovered when necessary.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the largest public cloud provider with over 32% of the global market as of Q1 2023. We’re going to look at how three Veritas products can help an organization protect and manage its data resources in its AWS environment.

Three Solutions to Manage and Protect Enterprise Data in AWS

The following three solutions from Veritas address different aspects of protecting enterprise data in an AWS environment and ensuring compliance with various information security and privacy regulations.

Veritas NetBackup

NetBackup is an enterprise data management solution used by 87% of the Fortune Global 500 to manage over 100 exabytes of information. The solution employs artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and elastic architecture to provide data security and enhance organizational agility in a cloud or on-premises environment.

NetBackup provides companies with cost-saving opportunities and optimal data protection performance. It’s a cloud-optimized solution that increases an organization’s cyber resilience and enables automated backup and recovery operations for greater efficiency.

Following are some highlights of the NetBackup solution that make it an attractive choice for companies of all sizes.

  • Increased cyber resiliency is essential in today’s landscape of sophisticated threat actors. NetBackup enhances an organization’s cyber resiliency with a multi-faceted approach that protects data, detects threats, and provides efficient recovery.
  • Data protection features include storage-agnostic immutable backups, role-based access controls (RBAC), and encryption in transit and at rest.
  • Comprehensive threat detection features complete infrastructure and data visibility, automated malware scanning, and AI-powered anomaly detection.
  • Recovery capabilities include visibility into the last known malware-free backup, expiring infected content before recovery, and clean recovery that avoids the costs of ransomware.
  • Native Kubernetes support simplifies backing up and recovering Kubernetes workloads and applications. Cross-platform and multi-cloud recovery enable fine-grained Kubernetes recovery when it is needed. NetBackup simplifies managing containerized environments with cluster backups, reduplications, and built-in Auto Image Replication.
  • Automated operations streamline backup and recovery processes, save money, and help ensure continuous data protection. Elastic Cloud Autoscaling for AWS can reduce an organization’s cloud storage utilization by 40% for substantial savings. Automated, at-scale backup and disaster recovery are supported for unstructured Windows or Linux files and VMs in AWS.

Veritas NetBackup IT Analytics

NetBackup’s IT Analytics consolidates backup and storage visibility and insights for diverse cloud and on-premises environments including AWS. Obtaining visibility into the backup environment is an essential component of effectively protecting enterprise data and controlling costs.

A unified reporting platform facilitates data analysis with global dashboards. The information provided by the platform streamlines compliance audits and can reduce SLA risks with proactive recommendations to avoid backup failures.

The actionable insights and information provided by NetBackup IT Analytics furnish organizations with multiple benefits.

  • Storage optimization is facilitated by the collection of thousands of unique data points that enable a company to save up to 35% in storage infrastructure costs. Capacity planning is simplified and offers further optimization possibilities.
  • Failed or partially completed backups can be eliminated.
  • Unprotected data can be identified so it can be incorporated into the backup strategy.
  • Detailed expenditure reporting enables analysis of departmental storage consumption.
  • Ransomware resilience is supported by monitoring and optimizing scheduled backups across the environment.
  • Enhanced visibility enables companies to quickly recover from cyberattacks without incurring financial losses.
  • IT analytics provides visibility into anomalies and backup failures that may put valuable data at risk.
  • Identifying and addressing failed backups helps ensure SLAs are met to avoid any financial penalties.

Veritas Alta Archiving

Companies operating in regulated industries such as healthcare or financial services need to ensure compliance with data security and privacy regulations. The rise of ecommerce has resulted in virtually all organizations with an online presence being concerned with protecting cardholder data by complying with PCI-DSS.

Veritas Alta Archiving can be instrumental in helping an enterprise identify and protect regulated data and ensuring regulatory compliance. The platform offers numerous features that support compliance and effective data management in a company’s AWS environment. Using Veritas Alta Archiving, a company can:

  • Capture all data from diverse sources such as chat, email, and social media;
  • Archive data to an on-premises or cloud repository;
  • Locate sensitive data resources quickly for discovery and to provide audit evidence;
  • Scale with ease as the organization grows;
  • Employ a monthly subscription model for efficient budgeting and reduced costs.

Compliance risks are specifically addressed by retaining data in a single, searchable repository. Unstructured data can be preserved and made discoverable using the tool’s classification and indexing capabilities.

Content can be ingested from industry-leading applications so every conversation is captured and integrated into enterprise data resources. Alta Archiving accelerates data discovery to address compliance audits and reduces the cost and complexity of archiving enterprise data.

Why Choose Veritas Alta Data Protection Versus Native AWS Backup?

Two primary reasons make Veritas Alta Data Protection a superior choice compared to native AWS Backup services. The first has to do with the product’s functionality and its cost-effective data protection solution. The second reason is the wide range of workloads supported by the Veritas data protection platform.

Functionality and cost-effectiveness

Veritas Alta Data Protection provides organizations with enhanced functionality and potential cost reductions compared to native AWS Backup solutions. Following are some of the highlights of Alta Data Protection.

  • Cloud elasticity is provided via autonomous scaling up and down of cloud backup resources. Scaling is done based on data usage patterns to ensure data is protected and easily available when needed.
  • Minimization of backup storage costs is accomplished through intelligent deduplication and compression. These functions reduce the volume of data transmitted to and from the cloud and minimizes overall storage and data access costs.
  • Automatic instance discovery ensures all of your valuable data resources are protected. Veritas Alta identifies new workloads and instances automatically and incorporates them into your data protection strategy.
  • Amazon S3 support further reduces storage costs by moving data to S3 Glacier and S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage when appropriate.

Extensive workload support

The complexity of modern workloads demands targeted support when choosing a data protection solution. The most efficient backup platform is worthless if it cannot handle protecting and restoring the workloads that drive a business. Veritas Alta Data Protection provides support for a wide range of workloads that include:

  • Modern and next-gen workloads such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, MySQL, DynamoDB, HBase, PostgreSQL, Hortonworks, MongoDB, Cassandra, and many others;
  • Azure and Google Cloud Platform workloads, on-premises applications, and SaaS solutions like Google Workspaces, Microsoft 365, Slack, Salesforce, and Box;
  • Enhanced protection for Kubernetes that provides platform independence and distribution mobility.

Let VAST and Veritas Protect Your AWS Environment

Veritas’ suite of data protection solutions is designed to secure the valuable data an organization stores in its AWS environment. Using these tools effectively can be challenging for companies new to cloud computing or with limited technical resources. Working with an experienced MSP lets any company get the maximum value from Veritas’ solutions.

VAST IT Services is a Veritas Platinum Partner, putting them in an excellent position to deploy, support, and manage Veritas’ solutions for AWS. VAST’s extensive experience and knowledge of Veritas data protection and cloud services enable them to find the exact fit for your company’s unique requirements and objectives.

Contact VAST today and get started with an industry-leading data protection and management solution that supports your AWS environment. The experts at VAST have your back and will ensure you have the right mix of services to protect your valuable data.