Operating systems have a big impact on data centers and developers. When it comes to operating systems, there are two main choices: Windows and Linux. After evaluating the two, it becomes clear there are many reasons to prefer Linux:

1. Lower cost of ownership.

Linux can be obtained for free, though most businesses will prefer a supported variant such as Oracle Linux. The cost of that support is generally quite reasonable compared to ongoing support costs for Windows.

2. Security.

Windows is a favorite target for hackers and has many known vulnerabilities. Security patches are released weekly and businesses struggle to keep up. Linux is not as common a target and, due to its architecture and how it manages packages, has fewer vulnerabilities. In addition, Linux does not send logs back to the vendor, meaning fewer worries about data privacy.

3. Reliability.

Unix-based systems like Linux don’t have the same rate of crashes and failures as do Windows systems.  Linux systems typically consume fewer system resources than Windows systems. There’s no such thing as the “blue screen of death” in the Linux world.

4. Matched to business needs.

Windows is always Windows, no matter what third-party you purchase through. When it comes to Linux, however, the variants from different vendors actually vary. Businesses can select a Linux version that provides features they need. Oracle Linux, for example, is optimized to run Oracle database and other Oracle applications.

5. Uptime.

In the Windows world, installing patches typically requires shutting down applications and rebooting the system. Linux patches more often allow nondisruptive installations; Oracle Linux can download and install patches automatically, making the entire process transparent.

6. Easy maintenance.

As mentioned above, patches can be installed automatically, meaning there’s less stress on support teams. Oracle Linux offers standard configurations optimized to support Oracle products, so there’s less stress on other support teams as well.

7. Good for developers.

Developers have access to the full range of favorite programming languages and tools and provides a better command line interface. Because Linux is open source, they can view the source code in order to understand and overcome any difficult issues. Developers on Oracle Linux can leverage a selection of reference architectures to jump-start development projects.

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