Technology choices should be driven by technical considerations, but there’s no denying financial considerations often influence the final decision. One of the most important technology choices any business can make is its operating system, as that’s literally the foundation supporting all the business-critical workloads. Fortunately, choosing a commercially supported opensource operating system like Oracle Linux provides both technical and financial advantages.

There are many operating systems out there, but for most businesses, the decision boils down to Microsoft Windows or some flavor of Linux. Here are 7 cost-conscious reasons for opting for Oracle Linux:

1. It isn’t free Linux. To be sure, you can get Linux directly from the opensource project without paying anything. But you’ll pay hidden costs due to the lack of documentation and lack of support. For business, an affordable, commercially supported version of Linux meets needs better than simply grabbing the free version.

2. Avoid vendor lock-in. Microsoft is the only vendor offering Windows, so you don’t have much choice when it comes to a purchasing decision, even as costs change. Linux is offered by many vendors, and the source code is available free, so you’re never locked in to a vendor with unaffordable support.

3. Simplified vendor and  financial management. It’s likely your business is powered by Oracle databases. Using Oracle Linux means there’s one less vendor you need to track and one less vendor you need to assess for third-party risks.

4. Reduced costs of downtime. Oracle offers 24×7 support for Oracle Linux, so there’s never a delay in getting the help your team needs to address any problems.

5. Reduced costs of maintenance. Oracle provides automated patching for Linux. This means your team spends less time tracking and managing patches. In addition, many patches can be applied without requiring a reboot, so routine maintenance doesn’t carry the costs of downtime.

6. Reduced costs of security incidents. Because of Oracle Linux’s automated patching, your systems are always up to date with protection against the latest threat. This reduces the risk of a breach that carries immense direct and indirect costs.

7. Faster, less expensive development projects. Oracle Linux comes with standard configurations for Oracle products. Development teams will spend less time and money getting infrastructure set up and get right to work on their projects.

Using Oracle Linux provides a solid, cost-effective foundation for all your IT team’s work. Contact VAST IT Services to learn more about how you can leverage Oracle Linux.