While many businesses turn to the cloud as a destination for their backups and to provide disaster recovery (DR) capability, using the cloud doesn’t mean companies don’t need their own data protection plans and data protection software. With a new partnership between Veritas and Amazon Web Service (AWS) businesses can use data protection software to help them gain visibility into their cloud data, simplify their cloud DR process, and rely on a single data protection approach to cover both legacy and in-cloud applications.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

With Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP), DR in hybrid cloud environments is simplified. VRP works across the multiple vendors in a hybrid cloud to orchestrate recovery. VRP also enables AWS to serve as a recovery target and enable migration or failover to AWS. The process can be entirely automated and is integrated with AWS Elastic Block Storage, simplifying the failover process.

Another Veritas product, Access, provide high-availability and supports storage tiering that spans from your data center to the cloud. The scale-out NAS capability allows you to move data and utilize AWS as needed while meeting performance demands.

Optimize Cloud Storage Usage

The on-demand expandability of cloud can lead to uncontrolled growth and associated increases in costs. Veritas can help companies gain control of their cloud storage by using Access’s tiering capability and by moving only data that needs to be in the cloud off-premises. In addition, by using Veritas Information Map, companies gain insight into the “dark data” in the cloud.

Through understanding what data is stored in the cloud, companies can decide what needs to be kept, what should be reused rather than duplicated, and what can be deleted to reduce costs. Information Map provides insights to help refine data retention policies to span the cloud, including helping make the decision what should be migrated to the cloud and what should be stored locally.

Protect Data Wherever It Resides

While the cloud offers high levels of resiliency, it’s not true that you don’t need your own backup and data protection in the cloud. Using your own backup and data protection tools is the only way to ensure you receive the level of protection you need.

Veritas NetBackup can be used both on-premises and in the cloud; the Amazon Machine Image feature makes it easy to use NetBackup to protect Amazon EC2 instances. Using the same backup tool across platforms simplifies the administrative process and means your team requires less training. It also ensures that data has the same level of protection, wherever it resides, without creating new siloes.

Make Sense of Your Cloud Data Protection Strategy

Protecting data wherever it resides requires a clear strategy implemented efficiently and monitored for ongoing effectiveness. dcVAST offers professional services to help you assess your needs and identify the appropriate solutions. Our expertise with Veritas and AWS ensures you leverage these platforms and derive the full benefit of their capabilities. Contact us to learn more about meeting your data protection needs on premises and in the cloud with Veritas.