Optimization Strategies

Develop Strategies to Proactively Optimize Cloud Spending

Optimizing your cloud spending requires taking a strategic approach rather than reacting to every bill you get. In today’s complex cloud environments, where you likely have more than one cloud service and more than one cloud provider, you need data that lets you see the big picture and also drill-down into the details of utilization and spending. You need to review not only charged amounts but also technical details including inventory changes and utilization data.

With CloudHealth supported by VAST, you gain complete visibility into your cloud usage and spending. Utilization rates, usage patterns, and spending data feed into analytics that provide actionable insights. Identify opportunities for server consolidation, determine when reserved instances are appropriate, and apply policies across all instances. You’ll improve your spending and have more effective, more efficient infrastructure.

Cost Optimization

Cloud offers the potential to reduce your technology costs, as long as you choose the right-sized resources and manage them effectively. Cost optimization services from VAST provide insight into your cloud spending and cloud utilization and provide actionable plans to manage your cloud spending wisely.