Cost Analytics and Action

Make Smart Cloud Spending Decisions with Cost Analytics

Technology spending is a business decision, and like most business decisions, it’s made better with better data. Get the full picture of your cost spending with cloud analytics that consolidate information from all your clouds to let you see where your money’s going. Use that insight to spend smarter and get better technological and business results.

VAST supports the CloudHealth platform to collect your cloud spending and utilization data and run analytics to guide cloud decisions. Clearly see usage and spending patterns and spending waste. Use the data to identify trends and develop forecasts and to plan instance consolidation or reserved instance spending.

Whether you use public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud, Cloud Health and VAST will help you understand your cloud spending to improve your infrastructure and manage your budget.

Cost Optimization

Cloud offers the potential to reduce your technology costs, as long as you choose the right-sized resources and manage them effectively. Cost optimization services from VAST provide insight into your cloud spending and cloud utilization and provide actionable plans to manage your cloud spending wisely.