Endpoint Security

Endpoints greatly expand an organization’s attack surface and demand effective security solutions. Protecting endpoints has become an essential component of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Extended detection and response XDR is a method of identifying and responding to potential threats before they impact a computing environment.

Legacy tools are no longer sufficient to address the rapidly evolving threat landscape. Advanced ransomware delivery can bypass traditional defenses and disrupt a company’s computing environment.

Palo Alto Networks offers businesses robust endpoint security solutions. The centerpiece of their endpoint protection portfolio is Cortex XDR. This extended detection and response platform is a complete endpoint protection suite that consolidates multiple techniques to secure your environment. Cortex components include:

      • Vulnerability assessment that provides visibility across all enterprise digital assets
      • AI-powered security that evolves to address new threats using local file analysis and updated machine learning models
      • USB device management, firewalls to keep intruders out, and disk encryption to protect data resources

Solutions from Palo Alto Networks can be purchased through VAST via AWS Marketplace Private Offer.

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