Palo Alto Networks – Cortex

Threat assessment and vulnerability management solutions offer the first line of defense in protecting valuable and sensitive assets across an organization.

Cortex from Palo Alto Network is the industry’s only open and fully integrated, artificial intelligence-based continuous security platform. The platform is excellent and allows security operations teams to expedite the analysis of huge data sets. A significant evolution of the Application Framework, Cortex is designed to simplify and streamline security operations and significantly improve outcomes

Cortex XSOAR

Partner with VAST to make the most of the industry’s most comprehensive security automation, orchestration, and response platform. It features native threat intelligence management as well as a built-in marketplace.

Cortex XDR

It is a single, cloud-delivered platform for endpoint detection, protection, and response. Let the experts at VAST help you stop modern and costly attacks with the industry’s first and leading extended detection and response platform, spanning across the network, endpoint, and cloud data.


Discover, evaluate, and mitigate cyber attack risks with VAST. Xpanse offers a complete, accurate and continuously updated inventory of all global-internet facing assets. You can also flag risky communications, evaluate supplier risk and assess the security of acquired companies.

Why Use Cortex

Quick and Simple Set-up

You can easily set up value-added detection as well as response services quickly, without deploying and managing on-premise equipment, which can be expensive.

Outperform Your Competition

With Cortex, you will always have an edge. With best-in-class threat detection prevention, attack surface management and security automation, it offers unique capabilities that differentiate Palo Alto Networks’ unique products over competitors’ conventional security solutions.


With the power of the cloud and intelligent engineering, Cortex provides incredible speed, scale, and agility.


Palo Alto Networks continuously focuses on product development and innovation. By repeatedly bringing new features to the market that boost security efficacy, Cortex solutions have transformed security operations.

Partner with VAST

Leverage VAST’s experience and expertise to address gaps in vulnerability management as well as threat assessment, along with the fantastic ability to quarantine high-risk systems or assets under active attack.