Managed InfoGov

Balance Access and Compliance Through Strong Information Governance

Data Insight Services

Unstructured data is everywhere! It’s by far the largest piece of the data equation in the enterprise. And, with an expected growth rate of up to 80 percent, management and security of unstructured data is paramount.

VAST utilizes industry-leading Veritas Data Insight, a solution that provides the monitoring you need to continually keep your data safe. It uses a minimally invasive agent to monitor system activity so you know who is using data, who owns the data, and who has access to the data. You can also make informed decisions on data deletion or data migration to the cloud.

  • SLAs guaranteed and enforced
  • 24×7 proactive monitoring and escalation
  • Real-time alerts, reports and metrics
  • Monitoring and management of system resources

VAST can provide managed services to organizations without DI Admins or to those looking for more hands-on, daily management with 24/7 monitoring, assistance with targeting servers/filers, or those who want a better understanding and interpretation of the analytics.

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eDiscovery Services

Some organizations may not have the resources to handle regular legal searches and exports to outside counsel. This is where VAST can help! Our team of experienced Information Governance engineers can assist with implementing Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator and/or Veritas eDiscovery Platform (formerly Clearwell), and implement and manage your cases and data exports. We put agreements in place that not only protect you but provide guarantees!

Information Management

Ensure that you have the right information management tools in place so that you have the right data in place. To do this, you need a range of technology including data protection, information governance, and archiving.