For Long Term Data Preservation, You Need An Archive, Not a Backup

Backups and archives are not the same thing. Backups are relatively short-lived copies of data that you may need to restore into production systems for use in business operations. Archives are copies of data that you need to preserve long term for legal, compliance, or other reasons. 

Unlike backups, archives don’t need to be quickly accessible, so they don’t need to reside on fast, expensive storage. When you use backups, you generally know exactly what data you need to restore and where it’s located. Archives need to be searchable to identify all relevant data to support e-Discovery needs. 

You can implement archiving with dedicated products or through additional policies and procedures that preserve backups longer term. VAST develops and implements archiving strategies using Veritas Enterprise Vault, NetBackup, Veeam Availability, and cloud-based storage systems. With VAST archiving solutions, the data you need remains available as long as you need it.

Information Management

Ensure that you have the right information management tools in place so that you have the right data in place. To do this, you need a range of technology including data protection, information governance, and archiving.