Managed Enterprise Vault

For Long Term Data Preservation, You Need An Archive, Not a Backup

For organizations running Veritas Enterprise Vault, the industry’s most widely deployed archiving solution, VAST provides a one-stop shop for assessing, improving and maintaining the environment’s uptime, upgrades and outputs.
No organization is too big or too small! From single server deployments, to environments literally spanning the globe, VAST manages them all.

  • SLAs guaranteed and enforced
  • 24×7 proactive monitoring and escalation of Enterprise Vault services
  • Real-time alerts, reports and metrics
  • Monitoring and management of system resources
  • Resource management, including SQL (database management, maintenance, backups) and storage (cache, indexes, partition data)
  • Regular upgrades to keep your environment up to date and safe from vulnerabilities, while having the newest features available

Monitoring of services and archiving tasks 
Application availability 
Resource utilization

Incident Response
Troubleshooting of Enterprise Vault incidents 
Root cause analysis of high severity incidents

Incident Management
Resource coordination with available escalation to Veritas

Change Management

Enterprise Vault patches and upgrades
Update archive policies
Add/delete mailboxes

Reporting/Account Management
Incremental reports/reviews 
Escalation management

Ask about our Software as a Service (SaaS), Hosted Enterprise Vault services as well. VAST can offer you a fully hosted and fully managed Enterprise Vault solution.

Pair any Enterprise Vault offerings with Exchange on-premise or Office 365 management, support and licensing solutions. If you need assistance with email or Archive migrations we’ve got you covered as well.

VAST was founded 28 years ago as a service company. Our mission is to provide IT services and infrastructure management that reduce customer’s costs and improve operational efficiency which allows them to focus on their business priorities. All of our engineers are senior-level and to date most of our Enterprise Vault engineers have come directly from Veritas (or formerly Symantec).

Information Management

Ensure that you have the right information management tools in place so that you have the right data in place. To do this, you need a range of technology including data protection, information governance, and archiving.