Platform and Governance

Expert Cloud Management for All Cloud Platforms

Whichever cloud platform you use, the goals are the same: leverage the cloud’s agility and scalability and reduce costs. The challenges are the same, too: optimize utilization, obtain peak performance, and retain control over data.

It takes in-depth understanding of cloud platforms to overcome those challenges and achieve those goals. The VAST team has engineers certified in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud and combines expertise in systems management with high levels of technical proficiency in cloud products. Our managed cloud services handle all routine support, maintenance, and monitoring. We apply best practices and your policies to managing every cloud you use, ensuring you get the most benefit from your clouds without having to micromanage them.

Cloud Management

Using cloud reduces the time and effort you need to spend on IT management and support, but that effort doesn’t go away completely. VAST’s cloud management services handle all routine support and maintenance and ensure your cloud is a reliable foundation for your business processes.