Orchestration and Automation

Use the Cloud More Effectively with Automation

One of the most anticipated benefits of the cloud is its agility. Cloud’s flexibility allows you to make rapid changes in your technical infrastructure in response to new opportunities or changes in the business environment.

Realizing that benefit requires efficiently managing an ever-changing set of resources. Leveraging orchestration and automation tools that detect your instances and ensure changes are deployed successfully across all of them is the best way to achieve that. 

VAST supports orchestration and automation services across all major cloud platforms. New instances can be configured to match existing ones; routine maintenance never misses a machine; and all systems conform to corporate and IT policies. With automation and orchestration, instead of spending time applying changes and correcting errors, you’ll spend time taking advantage of the changes you made in cloud.

Cloud Management

Using cloud reduces the time and effort you need to spend on IT management and support, but that effort doesn’t go away completely. VAST’s cloud management services handle all routine support and maintenance and ensure your cloud is a reliable foundation for your business processes.