Veritas Data Insight

Take away the mystery of threats to data

The volume of data in business today makes it difficult for organizations to manage, control, and protect their data. Those tasks are complicated by the growth of unstructured and dark data, where businesses simply don’t know what data they have—it’s impossible to protect a resource when you don’t understand the threats it faces. Veritas Data Insight helps businesses identify the risks to their data by analyzing and monitoring its usage to ensure appropriate control and protection is in place.

With Veritas Data Insight, businesses can:

  • Identify sensitive data and threats to data. The Integrated Classification Engine means Data Insight can identify personal data subject to policies such as GDPR, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley. With file analytics and user risk scores, Data Insight leverages metadata and user activity logs to identify potentially risky access.
  • Monitor usage. Identify the data owners and maintain a complete access trail. Data Insight creates user risk scores to identify insider threats.
  • Protect against loss. Built-in detection templates identify ransomware threats. Integrate Data Insight with data loss prevention software to share tags and policies.
  • Automate governance and compliance. Identify duplicate and orphaned data to support data retention strategies. Create workflows in Data Insight to automate entitlement review and remediation workflows.

VAST provides complete support for Veritas Data Insight, helping businesses to understand, manage, and protect their data.

Get 24/7 Data Compliance and In-Depth Risk Analytics With VAST

Gain the ability to classify and contextualize content, making it easier to search through data, gain insights, and meet regulatory requirements. VAST provides the experience, expertise, and resources to manage and support your Veritas Data Insight technology.