NetBackup SaaS Protection (NSP)

Protect Data Created and Stored in SaaS Systems

Businesses own their data even when it’s created or processed in a SaaS application. You need to protect it to meet compliance standards, leverage it for analytics, avoid vendor lock-in, and ensure continued access in case the vendor has a short- or long-term outage. Achieve those aims with SaaS Backup from Veritas. Comprehensive encrypted backups with SaaS Backup protect core SaaS services including:

  • Office 365. Emails, contacts, calendars, SharePoint, and OneDrive are all protected.
  • G Suite. Calendar, Drive, Gmail, and other key data are backed up.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365. Protect key CRM data including Sales, Marketing, Customer Services, Field Service, Project Service, and Automation.
  • Salesforce. Backup critical sales data such as accounts, contacts, leads, and campaigns.

VAST provides support for Veritas SaaS Backup and Veritas NetBackup, ensuring data is protected whether managed by your organization or by a third-party.