Veritas Alta Analytics

Better infrastructure management with the help of IT analytics.

You may have multiple products, multiple solutions, and multiple architectures, but you still have a single goal: providing the best IT service to your business. Achieving that goal means you need to understand how all your technology solutions are working together—optimizing them individually won’t get you there.

Veritas Alta Analytics gives enterprises the visibility they need to identify underused IT resources and repurpose them to their benefit. It delivers accelerated insights across ANY cloud, any backup and any storage by optimizing IT operations and detecting data protection anomalies for ransomware resiliency through intelligent data visualization and flexible alerts. Analyze IT infrastructure through a single pane of glass.

According to the ESG Economic Validation Report, Veritas Alta Analytics can deliver:

      • 90% reduction in IT management software costs
      • 28% reduction in consumed IT resources
      • 24% reduction in consumed storage resources
      • 5% reduction in consumed compute resources

VAST support for Veritas Alta Analytics ensures you ask the right questions about your environment and helps you implement the appropriate changes to optimize your storage utilization and protection strategies.

Reduce IT Management Costs With VAST

Get complete reporting, actionable insights, and a holistic view of your cybersecurity posture. VAST provides the experience, expertise, and resources to manage and support your Veritas Alta Analytics technology.