The Definitive Guide to Microsoft 365 Backup and Data Protection

Both large and small organizations have turned to Microsoft 365 (M365) to access the business applications that are used every day throughout their entire organization. More than 250 million commercial users rely on M365 every month, creating more unstructured business data than ever before.

However, there’s a big gap in Microsoft’s M365 services that many businesses aren’t aware of.

What M365 doesn’t offer is a built-in data protection and disaster recovery solution, which represents a big gap in its services. It is irresponsible to just put data in the cloud and assume it’s safe. There is always the threat of cybersecurity issues. Data protection in the cloud is a joint responsibility between Microsoft and the M365 customer.

Download our guide to learn what you can do to make sure your M365 data is backed up and protected:

M365 data protection
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