SharePoint Online Presents a Strategic Cloud Cost-control Opportunity

A clear need exists for better cost optimization—especially in cloud IT—and Microsoft SharePoint Online environments represent a fantastic opportunity to help control the costs of cloud services.

We are witnessing a rise in software-as-a-service (SaaS) adoption, MS SharePoint Online included, as a way to facilitate collaboration and control and encourage business growth. In fact, in a study of multi-cloud environments, TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group found that 46% of organizations viewed replacing certain applications with SaaS equivalents as a key part of their organization’s strategy for managing existing applications.1

The agility and flexibility characteristics of public cloud services serve to accelerate ongoing operations and propel digital initiatives. However, they can also cause the acceleration of data growth, and that can result in additional cost.

Cloud and SaaS adoption must be part of any modernization strategy, but organizations need an associated cloud- cost mitigation strategy. Download our whitepaper to learn more.

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