Security Operations

An organization’s security operations are vitally important to its ability to detect and respond to threats while maintaining a computing environment that delivers the performance and availability necessary to run its business. It can be extremely challenging for smaller companies to devote the required internal resources to provide an adequate level of protection.

Palo Alto Networks offers a large and diverse portfolio of solutions that address all aspects of a company’s security operations. The foundation of the security solutions is Cortex, which has multiple advanced features such as:

      • Automated incident response and security operations for cloud and hybrid environments;
      • AI-powered cloud-based threat detection and response;
      • Automated network security with scalable incident response and operations capabilities;
      • Scalable and automated processes for any security use case;
      • Advanced threat intelligence management;
      • Managed detection and response that stops attacks 24/7 with continuous monitoring and proactive threat detection;
      • Attack surface mitigation to reduce risk;
      • Attack surface management to help meet compliance requirements.

The advanced capabilities furnished by Cortex improve your security and better protect your valuable data assets. VAST partners with Palo Alto Networks to provide its customers with a tailored security solution that is focused on the unique requirements of your organization.

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