Palo Alto Networks – Unit 42

Access to the latest threat intelligence on various emerging threats.

Unit 42 is the brilliant Palo Alto Networks security consulting and threat intelligence team. The team comprises cybersecurity researchers as well as industry experts and professionals who utilize data gathered by the company’s robust security platform in order to discover new cyber threats. These threats include new types of malware as well as malicious actors operating around the world.

The evolving and dynamic threat landscape has made it essential for organizations and businesses to have access to the latest threat intelligence on various emerging threats. In addition, timely support and guidance from experts with deep and comprehensive experience in responding to various breaches is key.

Did you know that the group runs a popular and informative blog where they post highly technical reports analyzing and assessing active threats and adversaries? You can rely on Unit 42 researchers as they have been named in the prestigious MSRC Top 100, Microsoft’s yearly ranking of top hundred security researchers.

Why Choose Unit 42

  • Recover from and respond to cybersecurity incidents
  • Restrict threats quickly and easily with rapid deployment
  • Work with incident response specialists in order to resolve the most complicated attacks

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