Oracle Linux Premier Support

Oracle’s worldwide, around-the-clock, cost-effective Linux support

Linux is an open source operating system and Oracle Linux, which is 100% binary compatible with leading distributions, is free to download, use and share. There is no license cost, no need for a contract and no usage audits. However, for your business critical infrastructure, you should consider Oracle Linux Premier Support.


Oracle Linux Premier Support, backed by one of the most experienced engineering and QA teams in the world, provides all of the following features and tools:

  • Zero-downtime kernel and user-space updates with Oracle Ksplice
  • Integrated management with Oracle Enterprise Manager and Spacewalk
  • Oracle Container Runtime for Docker
  • Oracle Container Services for use with Kubernetes
  • Oracle OpenStack cloud management support, including the ability to automate
  • Oracle Database and Oracle Applications deployments
  • High availability with Oracle Clusterware

  • Dynamic tracing and diagnostics with DTrace
  • Software Collection Library for development
  • Premier backports and life time sustaining support
  • Legal indemnification
  • A broad range of storage or file system options such as: Ceph, XFS, OCFS2, and Btrfs
  • 24 X 7 enterprise-class support Full stack, single vendor support

Flexible, Simple, Best Value

Oracle Linux Premier Support contracts include access and support for all the above add-on technologies—at no additional charge. Additionally you have the flexibility to purchase support for only the systems you choose, as you can install updates and errata without purchasing support.

Moreover, the Oracle Premier Support pricing metric is per system. The system can have unlimited number of physical processors (sockets), unlimited number of cores, unlimited virtual machines and/or containers.

Easy Switch

No need to reinstall your Linux systems. You can start benefiting from Oracle Linux Premier Support right away by simply running a set of commands on your current Linux systems. Then on your next Linux update, you will be using Oracle’s Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).

Oracle Linux support is offered in 145 countries for traditional, cloud-based, or virtual environments.

Oracle Linux Support

For more information, download our Oracle Linux Support factsheet.