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Even with the many advantages and benefits that come from operating in the cloud, new challenges have arisen, as well. Has your organization seen your monthly bills from AWS and Microsoft Azure increase each month?

Whether you are facing challenges in cost management, security or governance across your cloud environment, Vast has the expertise and tools to help transform your organization’s struggles into strengths. VAST View Cloud Management Service can save you at least 20% on your monthly bills from these providers, guaranteed*. 

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*Monthly cost savings guarantee is for customers not currently using any third party Cloud Management Platform or Cost Optimization Service. 20% represents the minimum cost savings recommendations that will be provided by VAST View. It is customer’s responsibility to proceed with the recommendations to achieve 20% savings on monthly cloud bills. Recommendations include, but are not limited to resource right-sizing, reservations, and usage policies based on current utilization. If 20% in savings recommendations is not achieved, the next three months of VAST View Service are free.