Cloud Archiving and Data Migration

Storage consumption is a top challenge for SharePoint Online customers. You have a limited amount of SharePoint Online storage that comes with your Microsoft 365 license. You have legacy file shares to maintain. If not managed, growing usage of storage-intensive applications, such as Microsoft Teams multiple file storage locations, and end user reticence to delete their files, lead to increasing storage costs, search performance issues, and poor productivity due to difficulties finding files.

Archive360 Connect for Microsoft SharePoint Online helps you take advantage of archiving to the Azure cloud instead of purchasing costly additional storage. This significantly reduces storage costs, with zero impact to your end users, while streamlining storage management so you and SharePoint users can be more productive. A win-win for you and your organization.

Capabilities & Benefits

Extend Your SharePoint Storage

Automatically manage your SharePoint Online storage limit by extending your SharePoint storage to the more affordable Azure Cloud.

Control Storage Costs

Reduce additional SharePoint storage costs by as much as 70% and automatically move inactive or less referenced files to low-cost storage in Azure.

Effortless Storage & Retrieval

Easily find files archived from legacy file shares in SharePoint, search and retrieve archived files directly from within SharePoint Online, and store information in its native format.

Analyze SharePoint Usage

Analyze content across multiple data points including existing SharePoint site storage statistics by site, file type, usage dates, author, projected growth rate and Azure cost savings with detailed, interactive reports.

Take Control of Your SharePoint Data

Retire legacy file shares and their costs and mange their files in SharePoint without impacting your SharePoint storage limit.

Archive360 Connect for SharePoint Online Overview


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Data Migration

Information Archiving

AI-Powered Supervisory Review

Financial Governance and Reporting

Records Management

Security Compliance

Information Security

Forecasting and Budgeting


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