Veritas Alta eDiscovery

Manage the eDiscovery Lifecycle with Veritas Alta eDiscovery Platform

Businesses retain large volumes of data in order to meet legal and regulatory requirements. Veritas Alta eDiscovery allows businesses to cost-effectively manage and search data volumes in compliance with requests, streamlining processes with key functionality:

  • Support the eDiscovery lifecycle. eDiscovery Platform provides a single solution spanning legal hold, analysis, review, and production.
  • Simplify search. Analytics and machine learning find relevant data without manual effort.
  • Automate workflows. Ensure proper procedures are followed and no steps are missed with automation. Automatic data classification and bulk redaction protect sensitive data throughout the process.

Veritas Alta eDiscovery is a cloud-based, end-to-end eDiscovery solution that enables organizations to collect, review and produce electronically stored information for your organization’s legal and investigation needs. This SaaS eDiscovery software can be paired with the Veritas Alta Archiving, archiving solution for your discovery and compliance needs. Veritas Alta eDiscovery provides a complete discovery solution in one step: defensible collection of your organization’s relevant content sources, purpose-built review of all types of data, and efficient production of your relevant documents.

  • Accelerate eDiscovery and other investigative inquiries with scalable grid architecture, advanced indexing technology and powerful search capabilities that deliver results in seconds.
  • Streamline matter management by giving your organization’s legal team and outside counsel direct access to your repository with a built-in collaborative workflow that allows them to share the review workload across multiple reviewers, quickly cull through search results, and apply work product to relevant items.
  • Minimize disruption to your organization’s IT team by allowing designated internal and external reviewers and administrators to perform self-service online exports of search results.
  • Optimize review with native collaboration and file content review interface.

VAST provides support for Veritas Alta eDiscovery, allowing businesses to meet their legal obligations without being overwhelmed by their data.

End-to-End eDiscovery as a Service in the Cloud With VAST

Easily collect, review, and produce electronically stored information for legal and investigation needs. VAST provides the experience, expertise, and resources to manage and support your Veritas Alta eDiscovery technology.