Telehealth Solution

Solve Telemedicine Data Challenges with Veritas Digital Compliance

Healthcare providers have had to make dramatic changes in the way they deliver services due to COVID-19. Technology, especially telehealth, was urgently pressed into service to meet the challenges of the moment; the process of managing telehealth data has had to play catchup. Bring healthcare data from every source into HIPAA and FDA compliance with the Veritas Digital Compliance solution.

The large volume of structured and unstructured data makes it difficult to know what’s within healthcare data sets; it’s challenging to protect or search data effectively. Tagging data allows it to be managed appropriately. The Veritas Information Classifier (VIC) applies turnkey healthcare- and COVID-specific classification policies, as well as organizations’ own custom policies, simplifying data tagging, archiving, and organizing. VIC is incorporated into multiple Veritas products that span critical data management concerns:

  • Enterprise Vault. Classify and archive data; implement and automate retention policy workflows.
  • Data Insight. Analyze and classify data to identify risks based on data type and usage patterns.
  • eDiscovery Platform. Efficiently search tagged data, including stored audio/video content, to respond to FDA and other eDiscovery requests.

VAST is a Veritas partner and provides complete support for the entire suite of Veritas products.

Telehealth Compliance Briefing

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