Veritas Alta Capture

Data collection in the cloud.

Veritas Alta Capture archiving software helps you capture popular message types, including financial messaging platforms, collaboration, file sharing, social media, SMS, mobile chat applications, web page, and cloud-based content.

Veritas Alta Capture—the only archive messaging application endorsed by both Microsoft and Veritas—greatly simplifies the process of capturing and archiving messages for compliance and eDiscovery. Its integration with Veritas Alta Archiving gives users the ability to collect from more than 120 content sources using the archive portal. Veritas Alta Capture helps you achieve:

  • Seamless integration within the Veritas Alta Archiving platform
  • Hassle-free capture without complex software and hardware management
  • All-in-one cloud capture and archiving

Cloud Capture Capability for your Archiving Needs

  • Universal Compatibility: Full integration with Veritas Alta Archiving, Enterprise Vault, and Microsoft 365
  • Fully Customizable: Can be customized to support any content, including proprietary content sources
  • Designed for Simplicity: No training required; small footprint; runs on existing infrastructure; quick setup

VAST provides complete Veritas Alta Capture support, helping your business take control of all of your enterprise data and applications across any cloud, any environment, at any scale.

Minimize Compliance Risk and Optimize Your Cloud Services With VAST

Ensure performance, availability, and cross-cloud mobility for the always on business. VAST provides the experience, expertise, and resources to manage and support your Veritas Alta Capture technology.