Unit 42 Threat Intelligence

Palo Alto Networks offers customers access to Unit 42, its expert security consulting and threat intelligence team. The team is made up of cybersecurity researchers, industry experts, and cybersecurity professionals. They leverage data collected by Palo Alto Network’s security platform to identify emerging threats such as new malware variants and global cybercriminals.

Today’s threat landscape is evolving at a staggering pace. Addressing the risks to enterprise systems and data requires access to the latest intelligence and information about newly revealed threats. Companies also need a resource from which to obtain guidance from experienced professionals to respond to security breaches.

Unit 42 publishes a popular security blog that provides analysis and assessments of cyber threats and adversaries. They are also available to serve as a company’s cybersecurity advisor ready to transform your current strategy into a threat-informed approach and quickly respond to incidents.

Customers can opt for having a Unit 42 retainer in place so they can obtain immediate assistance in the event of a breach or cyberattack. The benefits of a retainer include:

      • Swift response by the team to security incidents using industry-leading tools and practices;
      • World-class threat intelligence from a team of more than 200 cybersecurity experts;
      • An intelligent approach to mitigating cyber risk that identifies the scope of an incident, contains and responds to the intrusion, and recommends ways to improve the security posture.

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