Next-Generation Firewalls

Cybercriminals are continuously searching for software and hardware vulnerabilities they can exploit to gain entry into or compromise a company’s computing environment. Zero-day malware exploits vulnerabilities in a product that have not yet been identified and addressed by its vendor. The unknown nature of these vulnerabilities gives them the potential to cause substantial damage to enterprise infrastructure. It also makes it hard to detect attacks trying to exploit those vulnerabilities.

Traditional firewalls can no longer cope with the rapidly changing threat landscape and the volume of new malware variants. Palo Alto Network’s PAN-OS Nova is the operating system behind the company’s next-generation firewalls that offer advanced capabilities including:

      • The ability to stop more zero-day threats;
      • Traffic classification technology for a deeper understanding of application identity;
      • The Cloud Identity Engine to implement zero trust through authentication and authorization;
      • Device management via policy rules;
      • High-throughput, low-latency security that reduces complexity by implementing a single scan approach.

VAST will work with you to identify the next-generation firewall best suited for your network and environment. We will find the optimal solution for your business whether it is a hardware, virtual, container, or cloud-based firewall.

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