Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform

It’s critically important to secure applications through their development and deployment lifecycles. As developers migrate to a cloud-native approach, legacy security solutions do not provide the necessary features and functionality to effectively secure applications. A cloud-native approach to security is also required to adequately protect modern applications.

Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Cloud offers a cloud-native security platform deployed as infrastructure as code (IaC). Prisma addresses the challenges of resources and services spread across multiple clouds as well as the constantly accelerating rate of application deployment. The service provides complete visibility into multi-cloud resources and supports over 20 compliance frameworks for one-click auditing and reporting. The solution prevents misconfigurations by enforcing policy standards from an extensive library of pre-built cloud security policies.

Prisma offers intelligent threat detection that minimizes the alert overload and false positives that can overwhelm a security team. The unique threats of the public cloud are addressed by providing the multi-source threat intelligence that is critical to building a deep understanding of risk. Machine learning continuously refines threat detection and detects network anomalies.

Prisma offers additional features that help provide comprehensive cloud-native application security. It provides data classification functionality that identifies sensitive information across the complete environment. The tool detects malware hiding in public storage before it can cause damage.

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