Cloud Delivered Security Services

VAST designs solutions focused on helping businesses solve complex cybersecurity challenges. We employ Palo Alto Network’s Prisma Cloud, the industry’s first cloud-native security platform, to break down security technology silos and deliver optimal results. Prisma Cloud is widely used throughout the world because of its security and compliance coverage for data, applications, and the complete cloud-native technology stack.

Cloud-native environments are becoming increasingly popular for businesses as a method of obtaining increased agility and flexibility. Protecting these environments requires a cloud-native security solution that understands the new technologies to minimize risk. Security needs to be embedded in DevOps processes and tools to keep up with the pace of change in a dynamic environment. Providing early feedback regarding threats and risks streamlines the operation of both the development and security teams.

Prisma Cloud is an infrastructure as code (IaC) solution that allows engineers to version control, deploy, and improve cloud infrastructure while leveraging DevOps processes. Companies can also proactively improve cloud security and reduce the pressure on operations and security teams.

Prisma Cloud uses automation to enforce policy-as-code to prevent the deployment of security issues with automated fixes. The benefits provided by Prisma Cloud include:

      • Continuous governance to enforce policies in code for enhanced security;
      • Embedded security in DevOps workflows;
      • Pull requests to automate misconfiguration fixes.

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