Palo Alto Networks – Strata

Prevent network threats and cyberattacks with an integrated and intelligent security platform and the latest firewalls powered by machine learning.

Strata is an industry-leading and comprehensive network security suite. What makes Palo Alto Networks Strata so different from its competition is its process, platform, and architecture.

The company delivers all the fantastic next-generation firewall features using just a single platform,  single management systems, and parallel processing. This is unlike other vendors who utilize different modules or several management systems in order to offer NGFW features.

Partner with VAST to make the most of this award-winning security solution that delivers comprehensive protection and tightly integrated innovations. Palo Alto Networks NGFW and Security Operating Platform is the most advanced prevention solution in the industry for highly evasive and costly zero-day malware.

Why Use Strata

Simplify Security

Are you tired of disconnected tools? Replace them with a comprehensive and tightly integrated platform.

Centralized Management

Rely on Strata to protect your data wherever it is – on-premise, branch, cloud, or mobile.

Machine Learning

Use automatic policy recommendations to stay ahead of various unknown threats and risks, see everything, including IoT, and minimize errors.

Other Benefits

  • Unify multiple separate security services into a single platform
  • Flexible and convenient policy-based access for various user group requirements
  • An automated and proactive approach to timely detection and prevention of various cyberattacks
  • Detailed threat and malware analysis and reporting
  • Improve your work efficiency by enabling the right applications
  • Minimize the risk of data leakage through unauthorized file transfer

Secure Your Data and Network with VAST

VAST expert engineers and security professionals are certified in Palo Alto Networks cybersecurity solutions. VAST has a comprehensive portfolio of security operations solutions that are designed to help you make the most of your Palo Alto Network’s technology investment.