Multi-Vendor Hardware Support

Simplify Complex Technology With Multi-Vendor Hardware Support

Solving complex business challenges requires complex technology. Making sure that technology operates efficiently and securely requires comprehensive routine maintenance. That work, combined with the time your IT team spends on problem resolution, adds up to a lot of time your team isn’t spending on tasks that add business value.

Multivendor hardware support from VAST takes the support burden off your team. We provide a single point of contact and provide coordinated support for all your IT infrastructure, including server, storage and networking hardware; cloud; operating systems; management software; and security products. 

Our team takes ownership of support, with expert solutions provided by our first and second level engineers or escalation and tracking of vendor support response. Whether handling individual issues or providing complete vendor relationship management services, the support team from VAST leverages our own manufacturer relationships to ensure you receive the fastest possible support. With a tailored program that provides support, responsiveness, resolutions, and reporting, VAST handles all the support issues so you can handle your business.