dcVAST—NetApp Partnership Bolsters Hybrid Cloud Solutions

“With the addition of NetApp, we will be able to provide mission-critical technical support to hybrid cloud applications,” says Robert Swanson, Director of Services, dcVAST. “Along with our Veritas and Amazon Web Services partnerships, this rounds out our capabilities to provide a complete hybrid cloud strategy.”

Hybrid cloud is recognized as the way of the future with respect to how enterprises store and manage data. It allows multiple options of data movement and processing both on and off premise for the most agile and efficient solution possible.

dcVAST’s support of NetApp’s Data Fabric solution is a forward-thinking strategy that recognizes the benefits of both on and off premise data storage/management. It allows customers a diversified approach—leveraging the cloud’s elasticity to those processes more suited to off-premise operations while protecting other data on premise.

“NetApp is truly visionary in its approach to data management and storage solutions,” says David Cintron, Vice President, Managed Services. “It’s a company that recognizes that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to data management.”

dcVAST is committed to helping their clients remain agile and responsive to an ever-changing business climate with the most reliable and advanced technology solutions available. They accomplish this by remaining at the forefront, fully vetting technology trends and vendors to help clients be profitable, efficient and protected.