Manage Multi-Cloud Backups More Easily with CloudPoint and VAST IT

You may need on premise systems and multiple clouds to meet business needs. But you’ve got one uniform business-wide need for backup and recovery procedures, so you shouldn’t need multiple backup products across your environments. CloudPoint from Veritas provides an enterprise cloud backup solution that works no matter how many different environments you have.

Using CloudPoint gives you a single console to manage all your on premise and cloud backups, plus automated discovery and backup, replication to other cloud regions, and other features all designed to give you one approach to creating, managing, and using your backups. It’s a simple, cloud-native backup solution that offers the flexibility you need in a complex environment that blends your own data center with multiple clouds.

VAST IT Services provides complete support for Veritas CloudPoint and Veritas NetBackup, creating a seamless backup solution no matter how many clouds and data centers house your data.

10 Reasons Why to Choose CloudPoint

One Complete Data Protection Platform

Consolidates islands of backup & recovery point product and delivers enterprise-level functionality

Lower Total Cost Efficiencies

Lower resource requirements and complexity outpace the value of legacy approaches and emerging point product offerings by 50% or better

Unmatched User Experience

Entirely user-centric from quick deployment directly from the cloud marketplace and an intuitive UI

Implicitly Multi-Cloud

Native snapshot management, seamlessly spanning data center & leading public clouds, and easily incorporating cloud regions as a replication destination for DR

Policy Driven Snapshots

Application-aware protection and policy-driven automation alongside agentless snapshots

Instant Access & Recovery

Deep integration with leading cloud platforms delivers instant access and near-zero restore of virtual machine instances

Application Consistency

Rapid point-in-time recovery of the application in the exact state with no data loss

Data Classification

Unique classification of data in snapshots gives you visibility where PII and other highly regulated data is stored

Netbackup Integration

Seamlessly extend your NetBackup policies with native snapshot management technology

Proven and Trusted Industry Leader

Confidence that comes with a proven data protection solution from a trusted leader for over three decades

Key Features

Application-Aware Protection

Expedite deployment time and ensure backup compliance with automated discovery and policy-based backup of new cloud instances as soon as they launch.

Application-Consistent Snapshots

Deliver backup consistency with application-consistent snapshots for cloud instances that run Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, and MongoDB – with no need for you to install an agent.

Declarative Policy Automation

Eliminate manual backup jobs; simply define policies with snapshot and retention schedules that map to your unique service levels and assign these with one click to cloud instances, applications and databases.

Granular Search and Recovery

Find the desired recovery-point quickly with powerful granular search and recover cloud instances, restore volumes to source or new instances, and recover applications down to the file level – all in a matter of seconds.

Classification and Deletion of PII

Expedite GDPR readiness with automated classification of Personally Identifiable Information in snapshots so you are always ready to delete PII when requested.

Cloud-to-Cloud Replication

Replicate snapshots to another region from the same provider to minimize data loss and ensure swift disaster recovery.

Role Based Access Control

Define access controls and delegate permissions for an individual user or group to enable self-service backup and recovery.

Real-Time Operational Reporting

Gain peace of mind with deep, real-time visibility in backup performance and compliance reporting.

New NetBackup Integration

New CloudPoint 2.1 offers NetBackup 8.1.2 users with integration to manage and orchestrate native storage array-based and cloud-based snapshots.

  • Integration with NetBackup 8.1.2 for cloud snapshots.
  • In-place restore of virtual machines (AWS only).
  • Replication and restore of encrypted snapshots with customer-managed keys (AWS only).
  • Added support for Huawei OceanStor, and NetApp FAS (FC/iSCSI).
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.5 certification.
  • Built-in Swagger-based REST API documentation.

Easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to license

CloudPoint has three available subscriptions offering choices suited to your data center protection needs.


Download CloudPoint for and deploy in your environment for free


Manage your snapshots and workloads in the cloud with either AWS, Azure or Google Cloud


Manage on premise array snapshots as well as cloud snapshots

View the Veritas CloudPoint Demo

In this video you’ll get an understanding of the Veritas CloudPoint dashboard and some of the key functions.