Use Software-Defined Infrastructure to Flexibly Manage Applications, Storage, and Servers

When applications depend on specific pieces of hardware, they feel the impact of hardware upgrades and retirements. Break the link between software and specific hardware with Veritas InfoScale and insulate your applications from the effect of infrastructure changes. InfoScale lets businesses:

  • Create software defined infrastructure. Without tying application and storage performance to specific devices, you get a flexible, robust, and highly available environment that minimizes downtime and the associated costs.
  • Integrate local storage with the cloud. Transparently use storage wherever it’s located, making it easy to match the cost and capability of storage to the needs of the application. You can also easily leverage the cloud for disaster recovery. 
  • Achieve rapid disaster recovery. Deliver high-availability clusters to allow applications to streamline recovery from outages. Because applications aren’t linked to specific hardware, they can flexibly be restored anywhere.
  • Improve storage management. InfoScale provides the ability to grow and shrink storage systems dynamically. Automation handles routine tasks such as reconfiguring RAID, resizing file systems and volumes, and defragmentation, without requiring application downtime. 

VAST provides complete support for Veritas InfoScale, helping businesses use software-defined infrastructure to deliver a flexible and reliable environment.