A Trusted Partner in Managing Hybrid Cloud Environments

VAST is known for deep expertise in data protection and optimizing on-prem and cloud services. Since 1989, we’ve helped you get more out of your data by complementing your team strengths, bridging weaknesses, proactively avoiding interruptions and resolving crises, while maximizing your technology return on investment. VAST satisfaction is legendary, with an average employee tenure of 13 years, and where 42% of customers have been with the company for 10 or more years.  

Our Expertise is Your Bench Strength

“‘VAST fixes the issue first – no red tape”

We can help you get more out of your data by complementing your team’s strengths and bridging weaknesses. VAST improves transparency and accountability of systems and vendors, while identifying new threats, new products, and new and unique uses of existing products.

Deep Knowledge and Tenured Experience

“The problem became VAST’s problem, and they solved it as a team”

Long employee tenure averaging 13 years. Expertise from a diverse list of long-term customers. VAST support solutions are engineered and customized to your environment and specific needs.

Legendary Customer Service

VAST satisfaction is legendary with long partnerships and high touch support where 65% of customers have been with VAST for over 5 years. VAST does what is necessary to make it right.

The challenge with IT consulting is there is so much competition, with many, many IT shops. VAST has been in business since the ’80s.  That really changes the game.

Amar Singh

Director of Information Technology, MilHouse Inc.

VAST is always there and ready from a support perspective. They are very responsive and do a really good job to get us the right information. If they can’t do it, they will figure it out, including talking to other customers. They are very open to collaborating to get the answers.

Jeremy Mitchell

Sr. Systems Engineer, HNI Corp, MN

We had a problem with backups and it was a complex challenge. VAST absorbed the heck out of out and it became a team approach. They are a partner and have not become a vendor. 


Michael Kronvold

Principal Infrastructure Architect, e2open, IL


Internal or on-premise computing or infrastructure for a single organization.

Hybrid Cloud

A combination or private and public cloud services with orchestration between platforms.


Computing and storage services on demand from one or more service providers.

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Get more done, get more out of your data, proactively avoid interruptions and resolve crises, while maximizing technology return on investment when VAST is your partner.