While we haven’t achieved the nirvana of the paperless office yet, it’s true there are no longer stacks of paper overflowing desks and jamming file cabinet drawers open. Instead, all that data that used to be on paper is now overflowing email inboxes and storage devices. And now the data comes in multiple formats, including email, text messages, instant messages, forum comments, documents, videos, and audio files.

Coming up with ways to manage this volume of data remains a challenge for businesses, especially where legal and regulatory requirements prevent them from simply deleting old files and overwriting old backup tapes. Enterprise Vault helps businesses implement and automate data retention and email archiving strategies that satisfy compliance mandates, support e-discovery, and use storage efficiently.

Veritas will soon be releasing Enterprise Vault 14, with new features to help businesses and government agencies take control over their data. These features include:

  • Support for cloud storage as primary storage:
    • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3): Store primary archive data in the AWS public cloud.
    • Amazon Commercial Cloud Services (C2S): Store primary archive data in the AWS Government cloud for US Federal Agencies.
    • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage: Store primary archive data in the Azure public cloud.
    • Microsoft Azure Government Cloud: Store primary archive data in the Azure Government cloud for US Government Agencies.
  • Support for enhanced data security:
    • Amazon S3 Managed Encryption: Provide data security by encrypting data at rest.
    • AWS IAM Role support: Provide data accessibility with granular policies and permissions.
  • Veritas Advanced Supervision (VAS) 3.0:
    • A web-based alternative for Compliance Accelerator client, offering a simple and intuitive user experience.
    • It is designed to meet a wide variety of regulatory requirements for the supervision of electronic communications.
  • Expiry report:
    • Run a report to lists all archived items that Enterprise Vault will delete from your vault because their retention period is about to end.
    • It lists the items that are about to expire in 60 days.
  • Convert EML to MSG for export:
    • Compliance Accelerator and Discovery Accelerator now support the conversion of EML messages to the MSG format, allowing Microsoft Outlook to preview them after export to PST natively.

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